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Black Radish Creamery

Although Black Radish Creamery was officially established in 2011, the concept came along a bit before…

While both John and Anne have always had a love for the culinary world, it wasn’t until 2005 over an episode of Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” that the two decided to stop dreaming and start doing. On a little more than a whim and some encouragement from Anne, John decided to transfer from The Ohio State University and finish college at The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park, New York. Within a few months, John and Anne had moved their lives to New York and haven’t looked back since.

Upon moving to New York, Anne began working with some well-established food photographers and food stylists in NYC. Within a couple years, like John, Anne also found herself at the CIA working as their in-house Photographer and Digital Asset Manager for all of their campuses. Together at the CIA they realized they had reached a milestone for both of them and their dream. They now were both immersed in a world-class culinary wonderland.

Upon graduating from the CIA John went to work with a local farmstead creamery making cheese. He knew instantly that it was what he wanted to pursue, and from that moment, he started focusing his culinary ambition on artisan dairy products. Always thirsty for knowledge, John completed the cheese-making course at The University of Vermont, took numerous classes with regional cheese makers, and additional connoisseur classes in NYC from world-class fromagiere Max McCalman. In 2011, with abundant ambition, John and Anne returned to Ohio to start the creamery. As the plan for the creamery came ever more into focus, the two realized that to do it right would take a little time and lots of planning.

Then came the jam.

Black Radish Creamery

Encouraged by Anne and his family, John made a small batch of jam to sell at a local sidewalk market. The jam was an original recipe he created for the cheese plate at his and Anne’s wedding a month before. They called it “Billionaire.” At the market, John and Anne sold a suprising amount of jam and knew they had stumbled onto something good.

Since the summer of 2011, Black Radish Creamery has created nearly two-dozen original recipes which feature local produce as the foundation of its fruit products. BRC products can now be found in over 13 stores throughout Ohio with that number steadily increasing as production grows. BRC has been featured in multiple local publications including Columbus Monthly’s “Best of Columbus” 2013. Most recently BRC received their second win in the national 2015 Good Food Awards competition for the preserve “King B”. "Mr. Atwood's Jelly" took home a win in 2014 and the beloved "Billionaire" was a finalist that year.

Currently, John and Anne are still focusing on their dream and are planning to break ground on a brand new facility in 2015 where they will continue to create unique products that showcase their passion for food and the best ingredients Ohio has to offer. And yes, the cheese is coming!!!