Opposite of This

Reflections on January by Chef Tina Miller 

As I head out to work, I walk gingerly through deep snow, trying not to slip. The sun is threatening to come up, but for now it is still quite dark, I turn my headlights on and head down the road. I usually pass only a few cars on my 10 -mile ride to Rosewater. Main Street in Edgartown is so empty that I easily coast into an empty parking lot. As the sun comes up across the winter sky, there is very little to the color scheme except fifty or more shades of gray. 

Rosewater in January

It is quiet everywhere on the Vineyard; it is the off-season.

The off -season is a time of re-boot for those of us who live here year round. Life on the Vineyard can feel very manic with a huge bubble of summer crowds, events and commerce in the height of summer. However by Labor Day the bubble has pops and the Vineyard transforms into a quieter, smaller feeling island.

 Living in this seasonal cycle can be extreme; it’s the dead of winter right now with not a lot to do. A lot of retail businesses and restaurants are closed down. I  started thinking ahead to summer.  In contrast by August after you have shed 10 pounds, are physically and mentally exhausted and you crave the solitude of off-season.  This can be a vicious cycle.

 We live in a ridiculously beautiful place with a creative, fiercely independent hard working community. 

We are lucky living here and I need to remember that as trudge through January and look around and know that the opposite of this is August. So I will recharge my jets and feel okay with a little island claustrophobia. I will try to be present and enjoy the community, where we raise our kids, where our friends are.