Thanksgiving Offerings and Reflections


The "Main Event" - Fresh Herb Roasted Stuffed Turkey Roulade 


Chef Tina Miller has prepared some delicious offerings this year for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Menu


Rosewater House Granola

Rosewater House Granola

The history of Granola, or what was originally called Granula, follows a long and winding road from 1860’s creations of Dr. James Caleb Jackson at his health spa in Danville, NY to the more modern day creations of John Harvey Kellogg, and its international inspirations from cereal sibling Muesli.


John & Anne / Black Radish Creamery

Black Radish Creamery

Although Black Radish Creamery was officially established in 2011, the concept came along a bit before…


Todd & Jenny / Chilmark Coffee

Todd and Jenny

When you stop in for an early morning “cup of joe” at Rosewater, among your choices will be our Rosewater House Blend, exclusively roasted for us by our up-island friends at Chilmark Coffee.

Chilmark Coffee



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