Thanksgiving Offerings and Reflections


The "Main Event" - Fresh Herb Roasted Stuffed Turkey Roulade 


Chef Tina Miller has prepared some delicious offerings this year for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Menu

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Now for the fun part.... 

Chef Tina Miller's - Five Reasons why Thanksgiving is the BEST Holiday of the Year

1: Food!

It’s all about the food. Whether it’s the classics – turkey with sausage stuffing, mashed Yukon potatoes, green beans casserole and pumpkin pie – or you try something new – crispy pancetta with shaved brussel sprouts, pumpkin crème brulee – you can’t go wrong. It is the Ultimate comfort food feast. You have permission to pig out! 

2: Everyone is welcome.

 Immediate family, family you have not seen in a decade, old friends, new friends, coworkers who are too far from home and have nowhere to go; Thanksgiving is the ultimate open house with the theme of the more, the merrier.

3: No Pressure!

There is no need for presents, no shopping, no formality, and really no rules. Eat at 2pm or 7pm, and create your own menu.  Eat with the TV on watching the annual Detroit Lions football game. Eat at the table, on the couch, or at a buffet – just eat! With no pressure, there is really no way to mess up this holiday.

4: It’s a long day off.

Take a hike at Menemsha Hills, volunteer at the food pantry work, or get the gang together for a game of touch football. Just make sure you plan on helping with the dishes!

5: Food!

Did I mention it is all about the food? The sky is the limit. Have fun and get creative, or just go with what you know and enjoy this inclusive, joyful holiday.


We hope you enjoy this day as much as we do! Get ready to celebrate T-Minus 17 Days Till Turkey Time!!!!