Todd & Jenny / Chilmark Coffee

Todd and Jenny

When you stop in for an early morning “cup of joe” at Rosewater, among your choices will be our Rosewater House Blend, exclusively roasted for us by our up-island friends at Chilmark Coffee.

Chilmark Coffee

The Chilmark Coffee Company describes itself as “part of a small island community; a collaboration between farmers and fisherman, summer intellectuals and world economic leaders, photographers and painters, poets and stone masons, tradesmen and master craftsmen, elderly and young - All working closely to continue the values and slow pace established generations ago on this glacial moraine in the Atlantic Ocean. People here make things slowly and with pride. They understand and live as part of this unique environment.”

Coffee Beans

Chilmark Coffee Company

Husband and wife team, Todd & Jennifer Christie started drinking coffee in the winter of 1983 as college freshman in Lancaster, PA. Now, 31 years later, they bring their own experiences as artists/ businesspersons/ athletes into the mix to create coffees, teas and a company that reflect the values of hard work, planning, exceptional product, style and uncompromising vision. They embody what it means to be a family business. Jenny grew up on Martha’s Vineyard and they have lived here together for 27 years. They deliver their products themselves in their bright red VW van which means you get a smile, a handshake and maybe even a funny story along with your lovingly roasted beans.

One of the things we like best about Chilmark Coffee’s approach is they source coffee from producers/farmers who are being more than fairly compensated for the work they do, which encourages reinvestment in their farms and communities.

As Todd & Jenny like to say, “This is not a new idea if you buy anything from people who make their own products. Pay them well, so they can continue to make great things by hand and live good lives!”

All we can say is Amen - and pour us a cup of that Rosewater Blend please!

Rosewater and Chilmark